Rhapsody In Blue (fyria) wrote in sexysnowbunnies,
Rhapsody In Blue

Let the intro begin...

Hey ladies. :)

Just wanted to drop a quick hello from the Northeast of the USA. I've been skiing for about 20+ years now (granted, not as often per year as I'd like, but I'm remedying that!) and that same killer instinct on the snow is still just as strong as ever.

My mission this winter: snowboarding. Yep, I'm going to attempt the ol' switch from 2 boards to 1. We'll see how it goes and how many bruises I can aquire. Bets are on that I buy a beer for my circle of beerbuddies for each bruise I get -- though I think it should be the other way around, personally. ;)

I'm also a devout Warren Miller fan. I can't help it. :D

Rock on, ladies. See you on the snowside. :)
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